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We've been very happy with our website and the traffic has helped produced for us. Our search engine placement is just amazing and we have seen an obvious increase in hunter inquiries since we started with They have helped us remodel our site and we have had many compliments from other outfitters and hunters. They are always there to help with updates 7 days a week, always just a phone call away if we have any questions.

We can't say enough about how professional of a job they have done for us. We are on page #1 Google for "idaho elk hunting outfitters", "idaho elk hunting" and page one of Google, Bing and Yahoo for 200 others market useful terms...
Give them a call, we are certainly glad we did. They did just as they said they would do.
Matt Craig


To Whom It May Concern:

As the owner of two companies named Timber Trail Lodge LLC and Boundary Waters Outfitters that rely very heavily on internet marketing, we were fortunate to find and hire Budget SEO to work on the optimization of our web sites. We have been extremely happy with the work they have performed for us. The contact responses to our web sites have increased dramatically since we put out sites under the supervision of Budget SEO. Our organic placements in the top search engines have also improved considerably. Going forward our plans are to use the services of Budget SEO more extensively, and to have our website under the constant supervision of Budget SEO.

Bill Forsberg
Timber Trail Lodge
Boundary Waters Outfitters


Just wanted to thank you for your incredible service. I have always been in the habit of asking my new clients how they hear about Solar Tan and since I have enlisted your services without fail... the response is "I found you on the internet".

I truly believe your company is the best in the business and am thrilled to have been referred to you!

Thank you,
Keli Miller
Solar Tan

Jane Van Berkum, Rainbow Trout Ranch

We have dealt with Budget-SEO for close to a year now. Originally they approached us about search engine optimization on our website and indeed, within weeks of signing up with their company and following their guidance, our ratings were much higher.

In time, we agreed that it was time to update our website and after careful research on our part, we felt that the Budget-SEO team was the best value for our money. Not only have they created a truly unique and beautiful website for us, they have been a pleasure to work with. Their technical expertise has proved invaluable and the new site is built within the newest high tech parameters, with an eye to the highest natural search engine placement tools.

I was very particular about how I wanted our site to look and they were very patient in helping us achieve that while maintaining the behind-the-scenes “building blocks” so crucial to the search engine placement.

I would highly recommend Budget-SEO to anyone looking to improve their internet business. Not only are they a pleasure to work with, they are affordable and they get great results!

Peter De Cabooter

Marketing, PR

The Hideout at Flitner ranch

It is always hard to believe when somebody promises you first page placement on the search engines for your business relevant key terms. Certainly without paying for “the clicks”. So when we started working with Jeffrey and Elena, we where a bit skeptical, only to find out they had kept their promise both on 1st page placement but also having accomplished this in a very short time, without a lot of hassle. Since then our business has increased substantially thanks to good teamwork and top-notch professionalism in Search Engine Optimization, and this at a very competitive price. This first experience has in the mean time has built 10 different websites for us and all of them have first page placement, …more revenue in a win-win partnership. Guaranteed results!

John Dunn

Progressive Auto Group

Progressive Autogroup has been a client of Budget-SEO for over 2 years.

During this relationship we have found SEO to be a pleasure to work with. They have excelled in both optimizing our placement on search engines (Google ect) and in the actual construction of our websites. They are quick to respond to questions and quicker in resolving technical issues. We have 2 new Vehicle franchise stores, a large Buy Here- Pay Here operation, our own finance company, an Arctic Cat Franchise, and a collection company. We got involved with Budget on the New Vehicle franchises and were so pleased with the results we have contracted with them to re-do the rest of our websites. They are in process now.

You can imagine that this many separate enterprises are a complicated project for a internet manager. Budget-SEO has the patience and the expertise to turn our ideas into functional WebPages. Jeffrey and Elena will build a site that develops web traffic.

Jeffrey and Elena have a unique combination of skills that enables them to meet the many needs of a large complex organization. They also have contacts in the industry that they have experience with and can recommend quality companies for services that Budget does not supply (e-mail hosting, hosting websites). We have followed their advice on several occasions and never been sorry.

In closing I can only say that if you are looking to improve the Appearance, Placement, And Functionality of your website SEO Budget is the outfit that has accomplished this for Progressive Autogroup. We are very happy with their services and intend to stay with them. What higher praise can there be?

Vladimir Fedin

Cleveland Artist

Vladimir Art Studio

“Budget-Seo team designed 2 web sites for me and gave a chance to show my art on Internet. I am searchable on Google, Bing, Yahoo on page one for local and generic portrait terms and that's important part of marketing exposure for me.”