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When we started working with the budget-seo Internet Marketing Team, we where skeptical as we've been burned in the past, but they have kept their promises on 1st page placement and accomplished this in a very short time with little hassle. Since starting with them in 2005 our business has increased substantially thanks to their great teamwork and professionalism in Search Engine Optimization including Google at a very fair price.

Our first experience with has lead us to build 10 other web sites for our various businesses and all of them have 1st page placement, more revenue in a win-win partnership. Guaranteed results!

Peter De Cabooter

Marketing, PR

The Hideout at Flitner Ranch

We are very happy with our new web site and the visitors has helped produced for us. Our placement is nothing short of amazing and the obvious increase in hunter inquiries since we started with has had an obvious impact even during these hard economic times. We have had many compliments from other outfitters and hunters on the new look of Boulder Creek Outfitters. They have always been there to help with updates and always just a phone call away if we have any questions or issues.

We are #2 on Google for "idaho hunting", with over 22,000 searches a month, page #1 Google for "idaho elk hunting outfitters", "idaho elk hunting" and page one of Google, Bing and Yahoo for 200 other necessary market useful terms... Call them, we are certainly glad we did. They did just as they said they would do.

Matt Craig

Boulder Creek Outfitters

PO Box 119 - Peck, Idaho 83545

Approximately 3 years ago, we began focusing our efforts on optimizing our web site for organic search engine optimization (SEO). I had been advised early on that there were a lot of disreputable consultants and practices in SEO; and ironically the agency that introduced us to budget-seo was one of them. The agency was charging us an outlandish 700% mark up and was doing none of the work, nor adding any expertise. We were fortunate to discover what was going on and ultimately, in speaking with Jeffrey (lead analyst for, we realized that he and his firm were the real deal. They were highly reputable and extremely honest.

Over the 3 years that followed, Jeffrey regularly guided our efforts - and halted some of our outside efforts in their tracks, saving us tremendous amounts of money and helping us avoid getting lead into internet marketing practices that would have deteriorated our SEO results. Specifically what results? It was almost impossible to find us on Google, Yahoo or Bing just 3 years ago and, despite a highly competitive market, we're now on the first page for over 200 keyword terms and phrases including the majority of the most frequently searched terms for our industry.

This has in turn generated a steadily improved lead flow - in both quantity and quality - meaning we have generated more than 7 figures worth of business from Jeffrey's work (this is more than a 10,000 times return on our investment with Jeffrey... yes, you read that right, 10,000 time return on investment).

If you want to land on page one and do so in a manner that's sustainable through reputable best practices, Jeffrey and budget-seo are the only solution to consider.

D. Luke Iorio


President and CEO

Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC)